HomeBrik Values

Property Upside Potential

HomeBrik Value is an estimate of the maximum realistic value of a property, with and without improvements, and its rental income potential. Understanding the property potential enables owners and investors to negotiate the Property Participation Agreement (PPA).

Property appreciation and its rental income can increase because of trends in specific neighborhoods or because of improvements made to a property.

HomeBrik Property Potential Tool

There are many property valuation services today providing property owners and investors a general idea of what the approximate value of the property is. HomeBrik Property Potential Tool provides information on what the value of these properties could be. The HomeBrik shows HomeBrik Values - as defined above - and different options for property value maximization. Each option is listed with an estimate of its implementation cost.

The HomeBrik Values Tool is currently available for the following zip codes: 95110, 95112, 95116, 95125, 95126 and 95128; and is expanding to more areas shortly. If your property is not the zip code listed above, please contact us anyway and we will let you know if we can help you. Your house might be already included in the next, not released yet, version of the HomeBrik Values Tool.

Examples HomeBrik Values of properties in San Jose neighborhoods